Far East Film 15

Far East Film 15 - Udine 19-27 aprile 2013

Far East Film 15

TUTTI I FILM DEL 15 udine FAR EAST FILM festival


CHINA (10)

An Inaccurate Memoir, YANG Shupeng, action-western, China 2012, Italian Premiere

Beijing Flickers, ZHANG Yuan, drama, China 2012, Italian Premiere

Design of Death, GUAN Hu, black-comedy, China 2012, European Premiere

Feng Shui, WANG Jing, drama, China 2012, European Premiere

Finding Mr. Right, XUE Xiaolu, romance, HK/China 2013, International Festival Premiere

The Last Supper, LU Chuan, historical drama, China 2012, Italian Premiere

Lethal Hostage, CHENG Er, noirish drama, China 2012, Italian Premiere (in collaboration with Asian Film Festival, Reggio Emilia)

Lost in Thailand, XU Zheng, comedy, China 2012, European Premiere (in collaboration with CinemAsia Film Festival, Amsterdam)

Million Dollar Crocodile, LIN Lisheng, creature movie, China 2012, European Premiere

Painted Skin: The Resurrection, Wuershan, fantasy, China 2012, Italian Premiere (in collaboration with Future Film Festival, Bologna).



The Bullet Vanishes, LO Chi-leung, detective thriller, HK 2012, European Premiere

Cold War, Longman LEUNG, Sunny LUK, police action, HK 2012, European Premiere

The Guillotines, Andrew LAU, period-action, HK 2012, European Premiere

Ip Man - The Final Fight, Herman YAU, kung fu biopic, HK 2013, European Premiere

My Sassy Hubby, James YUEN, comedy-romance, HK 2012, International Festival Premiere

Saving General Yang, Ronny YU, period-action-thriller, HK 2013, European Premiere

The Way We Dance, Adam Wong, hip-hop dance romance, HK 2013, International Festival Premiere



Shackled, Upi, psycho-horror, Indonesia 2012, Italian Premiere


JAPAN (12)

Angel Home, TSUTSUMI Yukihiko, drama, Japan 2013, International Festival Premiere

The Complex, NAKATA Hideo, horror, Japan 2013, Italian Premiere

The Floating Castle, INUDO Isshin, HIGUCHI Shinji, epic-action, Japan 2013, European Premiere

G’mor Evian!, YAMAMOTO Toru, punk family drama, Japan 2012, European Premiere

Girls for Keeps, FUKAGAWA Yoshihiro, comedy-drama, Japan 2012, European Premiere

I Have to Buy New Shoes, KITAGAWA Eriko, romance, Japan 2012, European Premiere

It's Me, It's Me, MIKI Satoshi, surrealistic-comedy, Japan 2013, World Premiere

Key of Life, UCHIDA Kenji, black comedy, Japan 2012, Italian Premiere

Maruyama, The Middle Schooler, KUDO Kankuro, self fellatio-comedy, Japan 2013, World Premiere

Rurouni Kenshin, OTOMO Keishi, period action-fantasy, Japan 2012, Italian Premiere

See You Tomorrow, Everyone, NAKAMURA Yoshihiro, coming-of-age drama, Japan 2013, International Festival Premiere

A Story of Yonosuke, OKITA Shuichi, nostalgic-drama, Japan 2013, International Festival Premiere



Istanbul Here I Come, Bernard CHAULY, romance, Malaysia 2012, European Premiere



Comrade Kim Goes Flying, KIM Gwang-hun, Nicholas BONNER, Anja DAELEMANS, comedy-drama, NK 2012, Italian Premiere



I Do Bidoo Bidoo, Chris MARTINEZ, musical, The Philippines 2012, European Premiere

Mariposa in the Cage of the Night, Richard V. SOMES, thriller, The Philippines 2012, International Festival Premiere

The Strangers, Lawrence A. FAJARDO, horror, The Philippines 2012, International Festival Premiere

Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles, Erik MATTI, action-horror, The Philippines 2012, International Festival Premiere



All About My Wife, MIN Kyu-dong, comedy-romance, SK 2012, Italian Premiere

The Berlin File, RYOO Seung-wan, spy-action, SK 2013, European Premiere

EunGyo, JUNG Ji-woo, drama, SK 2012, European Premiere

Ghost Sweepers, SHIN Jung-won, ghost-comedy-horror, SK 2012, International Festival Premiere

How To Use Guys With Secret Tips, LEE Won-suk, gangnam style-comedy-romance, SK 2013, International Festival Premiere

Jury, KIM Dong-ho, funny apologue, SK 2013

Juvenile Offender, KANG Yi-kwan, youth-drama, SK 2012, Italian Premiere

National Security, CHUNG Ji-young, human rights drama, SK 2012, Italian Premiere

New World, PARK Hoon-jung, gangster epic, SK 2013, Italian Premiere

The Thieves, CHOI Dong-hoon, heist-action, SK 2012, Italian Premiere

A Werewolf Boy, JO Sung-hee, fantasy-romance, SK 2012, European Premiere

The Winter of the Year Was Warm, David CHO, drama, SK 2012, International Festival Premiere



Apolitical Romance, HSIEH Chun-yi, contemporary romantic comedy, Taiwan 2013, International Festival Premiere

GF*BF, YANG Ya-che, drama-romance, Taiwan 2012, Italian Premiere (in collaboration with Asian Film Festival, Reggio Emilia)

Forever Love, SHIAO Li-shiou, KITAMURA Toyoharu, comedy-romance, Taiwan 2013, European Premiere

Touch of the Light, CHANG Jung-chi, drama, Taiwan 2012, Italian Premiere

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?, Arvin CHEN, romance, Taiwan 2013, Italian Premiere (in collaboration with Torino GLBT Film Festival)



9-9-81, AAVV, horror, Thailandia 2012, International Festival Premiere

Countdown, Nattawut "Baz" POONPIRIYA, psycho-horror-thriller, Thailandia 2012 International Festival Premiere

The Gangster, Kongkiat KHOMSIRI, action-drama, Thailandia 2012, European Premiere

Home, Chookiat "Matthew" SAKVEERAKUL, romance-drama, Thailandia 2012, European Premiere

Long Weekend, Taweewat WANTHA, horror, Thailandia 2013, 2012 International Festival Premiere



Special Sections



My Lucky Star, HO Meng-hua, comedy, HK 1963

Raining in the Mountain, King HU, period-action, Taiwan/HK 1979

A Touch Of Zen, King HU, period-action, Taiwan 1971



Demons, Mario O’Hara, The Philippines 2000



Before Friday, Enoch CHENG

Dong, Li Yushan

Flowers With Aphasia, Happyheart LI

God Bless All Parents, LAU Wing-tai

Heartbeat 48, Leo LAM

Such A Girl Like Me, MAN Uen-ching


WORLD PREMIERE = First public screening in the world

INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL PREMIERE = First festival screening in the world

EUROPEAN PREMIERE = First public screening in Europe

ITALIAN PREMIERE = First public screening in Italy

















TUTTI gli ospiti


LU Chuan, regista/director, The Last Supper
YANG Shupeng, regista/director, An Inacurate Memoir
QIN Lan, attrice/actress The Last Supper
WANG Jing, regista/director, Feng Shui


Herman YAU, regista/director, Ip Man -The Final Fight
Erica LI, sceneggiatrice/scriptwriter, Ip Man -The Final Fight

Happyheart LI , regista/director, FreshWave/Flowers with Aphasia
MAN Uen-ching, regista/director FreshWave/Such A Girl Like Me
Enoch Cheng, regista/director Fresh Wave/Before Friday

Albert LEE, produttore/producer, Emperor Motion Pictures


HIGUCHI Shinji, regista/director, The Floating Castle
NAKAMURA Yoshihiro, regista/director, See you Tomorrow, Everyone


Chris MARTINEZ, regista/director, I Do Bidoo Bidoo
Eugene DOMINGO, attrice/actress, I Do Bidoo Bidoo, Demons


KIM Dong-ho, regista/director, Jury

RYOO Seung-wan, regista/director, The Berlin File
KANG Hye -jung, produttrice/producer, The Berlin File
RYOO Seung-bum, actor, The Berlin File

YEH Ji-won, attrice/actress, The Winter of the Year Was Warm

LEE Won-suk, regista/director, How To Use Guys With Secret Tips
KANG Yi-kwan, regista/director, Juvenile Offender
PARK Hoon-jung, regista/director, New World

HONG Hyo-sook, produttrice/producer Jury
JUNG Sang-jin, produttore/producer, National Security

HSIEH Chun-yi, regista/director, Apolitical Romance


Nattawut "Baz" POONPIRIYA, regista/director, Countdown
Chookiat “Matthew” SAKVEERAKUL, regista/director, Home
Witwisit HIRANYAWONGKUL, attore/actor, Home


Udine Far East Film 15 (19 - 27 aprile 2013) - Centro Espressioni Cinematografiche
Via Villalta, 24 - 33100 Udine (Italy) - T. 0432/299545 – F. 0432/229815 - registration@cecudine.org - www.fareastfilm.com